Fascination Maasai Mara

After a successful Impact Week at the Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi, our group of 20 people headed towards Maasai Mara for a three-day safari. We were extremely lucky with our safari guides… Weiterlesen

Morning dew

Family. Berlin. City boarder. Early morning. 7 am. Dew. Wet grass. Sunrise. Peace of mind. Care. These words coming to my mind. It was a snapshot. Little thinking. Little playing with camera settings. A perfect mapping of the… Weiterlesen

The portrait

It is no secret that this blog has been neglected in a while and although nothing has happened here, yet so much more has happened in real life. Photography has been still a… Weiterlesen


Lisbon, a city which surprised me in many ways. Maybe the ’not having expected anything at all before arriving’ made me stay awake and open for this place. Truly, this city has turned… Weiterlesen

The magic hour at Hassan II

Ramadan just started in Morocco. The day before, a Saturday in Casablanca, the space in front of the famous mosque Hassan II was filled with people enjoying the beautiful weather, the scenery and… Weiterlesen

A bit of Casablanca and Rabat

A travel to another continent. For 5 months being part of moroccan life and yet nothing like that in a city called Casablanca. The first little trip was made to Rabat. And there… Weiterlesen

Barcelona, Castellón and València

South Spain. Not too far and yet an area like no other. Two weeks of travelling and resting. A journey to wake up. A journey to realize that there are so many more ahead… Weiterlesen

How do you see yourself

There was a time when I kept going to photographers trying to get an ID-picture that looked like me. It just didn’t happen. That’s when I started to take my own self portraits… Weiterlesen

The big world of Interactive Media Design

The study program Interactive Media Design(B.A) at the mediacampus in Dieburg, which belongs to the University of Applied Sciences, is one of the best of its kind. Technologies are developing as fast as… Weiterlesen

Reflective and hectic

The  famous ‘Striezelmarkt’ in Dresden is always a huge event. Next to 11 other smaller christmas markets in Dresden it is crowded with tourists of all kinds. I thought it was more beautiful… Weiterlesen