Amsterdam, Den Haag, Brussels and thieves

Dear friends,
Last weekend, which was October 1st and 2nd, my friends and I were heading for a small road trip again. Our goals were Amsterdam on Saturday, Den Haag and Brussels on Sunday. There were so many beautiful moments and of course I had my camera right with me. Of course we saw the beautiful city of Amsterdam combined with the feeling of Venice, the red light district, the smeel of grass 😉 Then in Den Haag we stopped by at the beach, the ‚world court‘ and also enjoyed the fabulous morning weather combined with the peaceful center of that city on a sunday morning. In Brussels the Atomium was incredible and Mini Europe was not bad either. Yet, the Grand Place of Brussels we were not able to visit as a bad shadow was thrown over our visit there. When we had found a parking lot in the center of Brussels I noticed that I had been robbed before! It had happened at the parking space in front of the Atomium. This one guy was misterious in the first place and of course now it’s clear that he was the accessory of another one who stole my camera bag right out of the trunk of our car with my friend sitting in it and me standing next to the car. We did not notice a thing. Not only the camera is gone but also my phone and my purse. Awesome. This means no pictures from this very nice trip and a loss of quite an amount of money!
Guys, always watch out for your stuff and watch out if some random person tries to talk to you in a crazy language!


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