Frankfurt, Mainhatten and stuff like that

Frankfurt is somehow also well known as ‚Mainhatten‘. It is not hard to recognize where that name has its origin and since I have been to great NYC I may now admit that Frankfurt definitely carries some of that charm.
Last Friday my friend John and I had taken the train to that business city. I had been there several times before but I had never really looked at things. This day turned out to be just perfect for that visit.
The weather was just wonderful meaning that the sun was shining, the sky could not have been more blue and the season did the rest. It was just poetic and unbelievably beautiful.
Of course my new camera was just right with me and guys, I haven’t had such a fabulous day in a long time. Thanks to John


Ein Gedanke zu “Frankfurt, Mainhatten and stuff like that

  1. Fabulous pictures, my dear Sara!
    But wtf, you have a new camera and didn’t even tell me yet?! ):
    I’m looking forward to a personal update on that!

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