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A weekend affected by a train accident in Stuttgart and other unforeseen events. That’s adventurous.

Not enough that all trains had been dropped out, different noice was made in front of the train main station in Stuttgart as well.

The public transport chaos was supported by the demonstration.

People traveling to the Cannstatter Volksfest drowned the public transport service additionally. After all the mood here was cheerful.

The coolest pets ever!

Cheers everyone.

Are those cameras? Impressive.

This is called Design.

Why was everyone trying to be in the pictures? Quite friendly!

The pretty sides of the festival – 5 pm.

At least one ICE doing its job in Stuttgart that day.

Here the world stood still that same day. On the edge – Esslingen.

Geislingen presented itself on top this Sunday morning.

He looks like me, maybe.



Sunday the train main station in Stuttgart is still troubled.


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