From dusk till dawn

25.12.2017 | 4pm

26.12.2017 | 7:45am

From dusk till dawn

I like to believe
that whenever a year ends,
it provides us with these tiny nudges
which we sometimes feel more,
sometimes less.

They may come in form of deep nostalgia
or a craving and longing for the people we love.
It may come through sadness and worry
or a wild and adventurous wave of hope
for what’s ahead.

I like to believe
that the end of a year exists
to shake us and awaken us
from what we have ignored,
have left unspoken
or unexplored.

And while I chase these dark red sunsets
and orange yellow sunrises
I cannot help but wonder, if
patience is what we are supposed to learn
from gazing into these endless depths of
the sky and horizon.


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