How about Nürnberg

One-day trip to the beautiful city of Nürnberg. All for my brother. Advertisements

Picknick am Wegesrand

Demonstration against NSA inspection. Visiting the Dagger Complex in Griesheim on July 20th, 2013.  


Explore the East – Kyiv

Sit out the storm and you will see blue skies

Travelling requires not only awareness towards the different cultures around you but also towards your stuff. I left out the last part and was punished for that. Since my camera is gone again… Weiterlesen

Long time no see

Words are important. Although in general, pictures say more than a thousand words, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes we need to see and hear certain words to understand. While working, studying, fulfilling social standarts,… Weiterlesen

Whatever it is about sunsets

‚Home is wherever I’m with you‘ is what Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros sing. This song attended me during my long weekend at home. Although everything we do in our busy lifes… Weiterlesen

Lichterrausch Darmstadt

Sunday night organized a very nice ‚St. Martinsumzug‘. Many people came with cute laterns and walked through Darmstadt, finishing at the Riegerplatz with a fire show. Enjoy some impressions of that night… Weiterlesen

dub dub dublin

Some small impressions from a weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland.

Fall oh fall for me

Fall is right here with all its colors. I do hope that people do notice this crazy beauty. Go for a walk! Color oh Color. Photo taken by Bernd! This atmosphere is increadible.