About Trains and Travels

A weekend affected by a train accident in Stuttgart and other unforeseen events. That’s adventurous. Not enough that all trains had been dropped out, different noice was made in front of the train… Weiterlesen

Snapshot Brussels & Holland

One trip, three days. What we discovered: The Dutch are beautiful and healthy BECAUSE they have an excellent network for cycle ways! Our request: Hire some great traffic engineers and the people of… Weiterlesen

Nacht der Sinne Groß Gerau

Last Friday you were able to enjoy the „Nacht der Sinne“ in Groß Gerau. It’s a folk festival which takes place every year. Check out the beautiful artists and get inspired to join… Weiterlesen

After Work

Frankfurt. Just Frankfurt. Always a pleasure, at day and night. Exciting days ahead for this city. Get an impression of today’s summer evening atmosphere near the Main.

One Race…Human!

According to this principle about 100.000 people gathered together for the 25. Africa Festival in Aschaffenburg. Extraordinary people, great food, nice music and the perfect weather combined with the special african and caribbean… Weiterlesen

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar….

Berlin, you are so wonderful – that’s what the song by Kaiserbase says. ‚Manifold and Unique‘ is a good description. But enough words being said – I’ll let the pictures speak to you.

Die Zeit

Sam said Life is Time’s fool. A Shakespeare quote. It sounds reasonable. Everyone talks about it. It’s flying so fast. When we don’t have it, we want it. When we do have it,… Weiterlesen

The mirrow and the empty room

August is the restoration month this year. New ideas are collected, things are overthought, life is improved. Be openminded and inspired! Love you guys!

How are you feeling today?

The sun frying my body, the next moment before I know, it decides to save me from a sunburn with some cool drops. And what does that ‚funny‘ sign at the parking lot… Weiterlesen


When it’s raining the world comes to peace – at least for me. Normally people are trying to hide from it, they want to be dry and safe, they long for the sun.… Weiterlesen