Friendship.Travel.Calmness.The small things. May we all have the opportunities to enjoy these important aspects of life. Advertisements

The ‚Heiner‘

A hot elective presentation @ Campus Dieburg was rewarded with the enjoyable airing at the famous Heinerfest in Darmstadt. The weather was hot and sticky, people seemed relaxed and happy, the evening sun… Weiterlesen

One Day Trip to Straßbourg

Yet some time ago, but this one-day trip to Straßbourg via h_da was quite fun! It felt like vacation: warm, sunny, french, just a beautiful city and atmosphere. Enes was with me within… Weiterlesen

The parking deck

Darmstadt at night time, a common parking deck can become a nice scenery for photography or even a movie, which is the style of the following collection. Imagine yourself what story could be… Weiterlesen

Cloudy and Modern vs. Sunny and Traditional

„The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.“ -John F. Kennedy- Visiting the Andy Warhol exhibition in Frankfurt at a cloudy day and enjoying a walk around Darmstadt at… Weiterlesen

A different view

„Das Alte stürzt, es ändert sich die Zeit, / Und neues Leben blüht aus den Ruinen.“ -Schiller- Often we forget to see the little things that offer so much beauty. Thanks for reminding… Weiterlesen

Home sweet Home

Coming home after a long and rough time can feel impossibly amazing. Thank you very much Stephi for that wonderful day in Dresden.

Paris – la beauté

What else is there to say. Paris, c’est beautiful! Luckily my friend and I were able to do this trip after all. The weather played its game; yet the impressions could be caught.… Weiterlesen

Anti ACTA demonstration Frankfurt/M

Today, February 11th, 3 pm, we demonstrated against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement(Acta) in Frankfurt. The impact remains to be seen.

A glimpse of Marburg

Marburg is well known for its beauty and charm. I was able to just get a first impression of this beautiful town which just seems to have so much more to offer than… Weiterlesen