Another chance to get it right

May the old year be appreciated and the new year be seen as another chance to make mistakes and learn from them. Advertisements

Cooking for Design

Dear friends, when you study Digital Media it does not mean that you will have to neglect your hobbies. As we have learned cooking can also be a task for media design as… Weiterlesen

Photographic Alphabet

Studying at the h-da is fun – there is no easy way to say that (; I do like the outcome of this media design project.

Frankfurt, Mainhatten and stuff like that

Frankfurt is somehow also well known as ‚Mainhatten‘. It is not hard to recognize where that name has its origin and since I have been to great NYC I may now admit that… Weiterlesen

Amsterdam, Den Haag, Brussels and thieves

Dear friends, Last weekend, which was October 1st and 2nd, my friends and I were heading for a small road trip again. Our goals were Amsterdam on Saturday, Den Haag and Brussels on… Weiterlesen

Time and Change

It might not be hard to notice that this blog has not been updated for quite a while. This amount of time in between covers exactly the amount of weeks I have not… Weiterlesen


Recently on a holiday my friends decided to go on a one day road trip visiting Cologne, passing Aachen as well as having a break in Maastricht and last but not least crossing… Weiterlesen

Precious time

Over the Pentecost weekend I had the pleasure to spend my free days with very beloved people and to attend a wonderful family celebration. We had an amazing time…

Italy in rubber boots

We have found our way back home from a short trip to Italy.Rain accompanied us as well as sun. Those impressions were caught near and around the lake Trasimeno. Beauty is everywhere. Up’s… Weiterlesen

Darmstadt IS beautiful!

Referring to many people’s opinions about Darmstadt not being beautiful I do have to disagree. Of course do there exist pretty towns but ugly is something else. Open your eyes and watch out… Weiterlesen